Marietta House

I've now relocated to Wisconsin, so we need to sell our our house. We are going to be relisting our Marietta Georgia house for a steal of a price. If you or know someone that might be interested please let me know. It is located near Lassiter Highschool, library...good neighborhood with swimming pool, sidewalks and trees!

My email is

Main Street School of Art

Hey Atlanta Moms, it's your mod here. I wanted to pass along some info on a really fun opportunity. My nearly four year old son and I took our first art class today at Main Street School of Art. The studio is in Tucker, so it's conveniently located to Decatur, Lithonia, Lilburn, Stone Mountain, etc. The studio is run by a local mom named Laurie and she's just as sweet and welcoming as can be. She has lots of energy and the class had a great vibe to it. Today the class was all children around my son's age and we did hand painting projects. Basically, the moms and kids took turns painting the kids' hands, the kids then applied their hands to the paper however they wanted to in order to make interesting patterns, colors, textures. They smeared, speckled, smacked and splattered and had a fantastic time. The best part, WE DON'T HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE MESS, LOL!!! The moms then took the kids' contributions and used brushes to add to the pictures. It was a lot of fun and my son can't wait to go back next week.

I compared their costs to other local art school and they are several dollars cheaper per class than any other art school in the Atlanta area. The website is here:

They have drop-in classes, home school groups, after school classes, and parent-child classes like the one my son and I attended. If you sign up for a class tell them you heard about it through Livejournal's Atlanta Moms group!

One more quick thing, if anybody is in the market for a soft structured carrier, I have this immaculate Angelpack LX for sale, in a lovely gender neutral Amy Butler print. MY four year old has finally exceeded the weight limit. Send me a PM if you are interested. :)

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One more question.

I have finally convinced my kids to clean out about a hundred or so beanie babies and stuffed animals. Is there any local fire station, hospital or other organization that accepts donated stuffed animals in EXCELLENT condition? I don't mind just dropping them off at Goodwill, but if they can be donated for a good use I would really love that.

I also have a box of nursing tanks, maternity clothing, a Medela single electric breast pump, many extra parts for hospital grade pump, and books on pregnancy and child rearing that I would love to donate. Any suggestions? My first choice would be a women's shelter. I had a lead on a place a few months back but it didn't pan out, sadly.
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Sweet Valley Twins/Sweet Valley High books and family fun!

I was just cleaning out our storage room and found a tub FILLED with Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High books that I have been hoarding since childhood. :) There are more than 50 books in the tub. I have two boys and we're not planning on more children so I don't see any reason to continue to have these collect dust in my basement. Is there any interest in this community for the tub of books for around $30.00? That's around .50/book. They are in EXCELLENT condition. I'll put them up on Craigslist in a day or two, but in the interest of reviving this community I thought I'd offer them here first!

Thoughts on reviving this community. We were once a thriving community and I'd like to see things pick up in here again! Selling/trading is welcome. Passing along fun things to do in the Atlanta area with families would be AWESOME. For example, Last weekend our family took a trip up to the Vines Botanical Gardens for the grand opening of the model train exhibit. We saw the awesome train sets, then strolled through the botanical gardens which were FREE to enter. The kids loved seeing the geese, ducks, turtles and fish in the ponds. It was a beautiful day and a really fun outing for the family. Check it out and scroll down for regular season hours:

Pediatrician recommendations?

I am looking for some pediatrician recommendations for my soon-to-arrive daughter.
I would like to find someone that is okay with delaying and separating vaccinations and is not pro-antibiotic for every minor ailment. My husband and I will also be raising her vegan, so it would be appreciated if the doctor was tolerant of our dietary choices.

I have found a few names from searching the web, including Dr. Carol Hermann at Rainbow Kids Pediatrics, Dr. Kute in Alpharetta (although this is a bit far for me), and Dr. Jeffrey Abrams in Norcross.

Does anyone go to any of these pediatricians? What were your experiences? If not, is there anyone else you would recommend?

Thanks so much!

Bike safety/rally/fun

Upcoming in East Atlanta, via the neighborhood parents' group:

The East Atlanta Kids Club seeks volunteers for our 7th-annual Brownwood Bike Rally & Run on Saturday, May 15,
to be held in beautiful Brownwood Park in East Atlanta.

The event features bike races and a 5K Run/Walk for kids and adults, a bike safety rodeo, a freestyle stunt bike show,
food court, crafts and other fun activities to entertain the whole family. Proceeds benefit our after-school tutoring, mentoring
and enrichment programs for underprivileged youth.

This will be a great opportunity to meet friends and have fun while benefiting a worthy cause!

Volunteers are needed immediately and for the day of the event (Saturday, May 15) in the following areas:

Racing,Registration, Bike Rodeo, Stunt Bike Show, Event Logistics, Marketing& Promotions, Fundraising, Food Court, Festival Fun Zone, Health Fair, First Aid, Raffle Booth, Prizing & Awards, Sound & PA, Set up & Breakdown, Recycling, and more!


This is a great store in the Brickworks on Marietta Street. ecoEmporium is closing for good, and everything there is 40-70% off. All baby and pet items are half-price: BPA-free bottles, Kleen Kanteens, nursing pillows, diaper bags, bedding, Ergo-style buckle carriers, bathtubs, you name it. The carriers and slings are awesome deals--$50 for that kind of carrier is a boon.

They have kitchen items, bedding, pet stuff, locally-made soaps, organic cleaning supplies like Mrs. Myers, all of it half-price. They'll only be open for a couple more weeks, so get over there.

Piano teachers

I'm looking for piano instructors in the North Fulton/East Cobb area. Does anyone have personal recommendations of someone that they love and know would be good with kids (ages 4-6)?

Thank you in advance.
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Consignment stores around town?

Hey Atlanta Moms, anybody still out there? :)

Over the last few months I have been working on a major house overhaul. It's time for me to find new homes for the nursery furniture (convertible crib and dresser), nursery decor, maternity clothing, boys clothing from 12months-2T, TONS of shoes, toys, baby carriers, cloth diapers, etc. I listed all of this stuff on Craigslist (would be happy to share links if there's any interest) but I was also wondering if there are any decent consignment stores around town anymore? I live in Tucker but am willing to take this stuff anywhere inside the perimeter or in the greater metro Atlanta area.