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Atlanta On the Cheap

Recently, I found a wonderful website called Atlanta on the Cheap.   The woman who runs the website finds and publishes free or cheap events all around the Atlanta metro area.   You can find the information either on the website, or sign up for an email newsletter.

I cannot recommend this newsletter enough.  In the past two days, I learned about discounted Braves tickets, free kids meals at various restaurants, and 80% off gift certificates at Restaurants.com (which translates into paying $0.60 for a $10 gift certificate).  Plus Atlanta on the Cheap lists free/discounted theater tickets.  At the end of the month, I'm taking my kids to see "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" at the Fox Theater, with buy one get one free tickets. 

Most days, I get one or two emails from here, though some days I get three or four.  But overall I love this website.


Super Why

I have just come to the conclusion that sometimes the "super big problem" is just a natural consequence.

Doc rec?

Any blue cross blue shield folks love their PCP?

Floating swimsuit?

Where kind I find one locally for a skinny toddler? I am afraid to get one online because I have know idea what will fit him and we are leaving in eight days. My husband tried New Baby Products on Sunday and they were closed.

spray on sun

I am about to make my first post baby swimsuit appearance. I was thinking a little color would help, but am all about the sunblock these days after the follies of my youth. Where is a good place to go? Affordable? How do they handle sand and surf?

I hope this is alright to post here...

If not, mods please feel free to delete it. However, remembering the post a few weeks back about the Labs who needed a home made me realize I was neglecting a resource.

Right before Christmas last year (2008), I found an abandoned Maine Coon mix in the parking lot of our apartment complex. I brought her home, fed her, and started looking for her owners. When no one claimed her, we decided to let her stay with us and our 2 neutered male cats. "Princess", as we call her, does NOT get along with our boys, and we simply cannot keep her. She appears to be less than a year old, but it is hard for me to tell, since I am not familiar with Maine Coons. She is extremely affectionate with older children and adults, but does not get along with our 4-year old son. She would really prefer to be an only cat in a home with older kids, but at this point I just need to find her a home. I hate to give her up - she's very loving and affectionate, talkative, playful, and a beautiful little girl. Each and every "no-kill" shelter/rescue I have contacted is packed to the brim, and no one can take her. If we are unable to find her a home very soon, she will have to go to Animal Control, and that's a death sentence these days. If you are interested, please contact me at selawton at bellsouth dot net. I'll put a couple of pics of her behind a cut, to save your friend's page...

pics of Princess Flippytail back here...Collapse )

Thanks for reading and for looking.

New Jaywalking Enforcement in Marietta

I received this notice in email, and thought I'd pass it along.


Marietta Police Department
240 Lemon Street, Marietta, GA 30060-1688 (770) 794-5300
Dan Flynn, Chief of Police
***Enforcement Announcement***

The Marietta Police Department will begin enforcing “Jay Walking” on the Marietta square beginning February 25, 2009. This effort is in response to observed violations regarding pedestrians not utilizing the provided cross walks. Pedestrians are crossing at random points creating an unsafe traffic environment. Georgia Law 40-6-92(c) states “Pedestrians Must Cross in Crosswalk (where there are adjacent crosswalks). 

The goal of the Marietta Police Department is to educate and protect pedestrians in the city. The initial phase of the plan will begin with warnings and providing educational pamphlets to those disregarding the law. In the coming weeks officers will begin issuing citations. The current fine amount for this violation is $110.00. 

Please contact the Marietta Police Department at (770)794-5300 with any questions or concerns regarding this announcement.

Baby Steps Pickles & Ice Cream Social


Please join us on Saturday, February 28, 2009 between 9:00 am and noon for the Baby Steps FREE Pickles & Ice Cream Fair. The event will be held at Life University. This very special event will introduce Life University's new prenatal, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting services to the community. There will be many family-related businesses present, offering samples, door prizes, information, and free food. As always this event is free and open to the public.

This event is a great opportunity for expecting parents to meet Baby Steps teachers and doulas in person, as well as other pregnancy & birth related professionals. When choosing a childbirth class or doula one important element that is sometimes overlooked is having a personal connection with the teacher or doula. A class is much more enjoyable if you like the person teaching! So before you make a financial commitment, come and meet us! Enjoy some free snacks and ask any questions you may have about classes & other services.

Home Needed

This was passed along to me, from Decatur:

Package deal!

Please pass along to all family, friends, coworkers - spread the word and
help find these two adorable labs a home.

Two females, both have chips implanted - well cared for.  Family losing home.
Desperate to find loving home.

Already housebroken, trained, love kids, spayed, up to date on
shots....what more could you ask for.
But must stay together.  Thes
e are life long friends.

Contact: Katherine at:

Thanks for your help spreading the word.  Read their story below.

The story...
This family has lost their home and the apartment does not allow dogs.
They are looking for a home for the two Labs. See below.

As many of you know, we are moving in just 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I have
still not been able to find a good home for Cookie and Coco .
We're not able to take our beloved doggies with us and I've been
desperately trying to find a home for both of them 'together'. They
were raised together and pine without each other. The Lab rescue have already
said that they would probably separate them, so this is my  last resort.

Recently I tried to take Coco out in my car alone and she TOTALLY
refused to even get into the car without Cookie.....!!!! She  absolutely
pulled back on her haunches until Cookie was by her  side.Both doggies
are in great health, have been spayed and have ID  chips implanted under
the skin.

Cookie turned 3 December 10th and Coco will be 3 April 1st. Cookie is
my mellow-yellow, and just loves her tummy rubbed. Coco is adorably
funny and lives for her "ball". She also loves the water..... Cookie
loves lots of attention. Both doggies are loyal and love to walk. They
have been raised with my 3 kids running around all over the place, and
have survived Sammy's constant hugging and love of 'dress-up', so
are fantastic family dogs. This is by far one of the most difficult
decisions I have ever had to make, but under the circumstances I have no

Please, Please forward these pics to all you know and help me find a
great home for these fabulous doggies. They are just adorable and it's
heartbreaking to let them go. In a perfect world, I hope that we could
find someone local so that we can still keep in touch and visit them.
I pray that someone, somewhere can help us keep Cookie and Coco
together, and love them just as much as we do. Thank you all from the
bottom of my heart.

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First haircut?

My son is fourteen months old and past ready for a cut. We have a referral for someone in Snellville, but I would love to find someone closer so we can fit it in tomorrow. We are near Grant Park but any intown tips would be great.